Crack That Interview: Your Ultimate Guide to Face2Face Interviews


Crack That Interview: Your Ultimate Guide to Face2Face Interviews

Posted on 11 December 2023

Congratulations on locking in that interview—before you dive into the nerves and anticipation, let's get you geared up and ready to shine...

1. Research Marathon Begins!First things first, it's all about knowing your stuff. Dive into the company's world—check out their website, their mission, values, and latest news. Oh, and don't forget to look them up on Glassdoor for some insider info on the company culture.

2. Decode the RoleUnderstand every inch of the job role & on what they're looking for. Match it up with your skills and prepare your success stories to show you are the perfect match.

3. CV Close-UpMake sure you're ready to go through your CV. Highlight those shining moments and be ready to smooth out any twists or turns in your career.

4. The Common QuestionsTime to rehearse! Practice those classic interview questions in front of the mirror. "Tell me about yourself," "Strengths and weaknesses," and "Why this job?" Use the STAR method.

5. Ask Questions!Prepare some clever questions about the company, the team, or the role. It's not just about them grilling you; show off your keen interest without diving into salary and benefits just yet,Clearwater People Solutions Ltdwill cover that for you.

6. Dress to ImpressDress the part & make sure you feel comfortable.

7. Body Language 101Show off those non-verbal skills! Eye contact, firm handshake, sitting up like a pro & gestures for that extra oomph.

8. Skill Brush-UpTime to polish those technical skills. Get ready to showcase your expertise.

9. The Behavioral QuestionsAnticipate questions about handling conflicts or being a team player. Use STAR again.

10. Trial RunGet a friend to play interviewer. Practice makes perfect!

11. Map Your JourneyNo one likes being fashionably late. Plan your route, check the traffic forecast, and aim to arrive earlier.

12. DocumentsPack your bag with multiple copies of your CV, and any other requested documents. Oh, and don't forget a notepad and pen.

13. Staying Zen!Breathe in, breathe out. Relaxation techniques are brilliant to keep you calm and reduce nerves.

And there you have it! Clearwater People Solutions Ltd are on hand for any other tips or queries you might have on the above. Good luck—you've got this!

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